The secret initiation exists merely because
the seeking people have as a criterion of the truth only
what they themselves already know and can.
Therefore they must submit to the discipline of the Teaching.

The reasons of the publication

    The tenets of the secret initiation are nothing to be made public. I respected this rule for 45 years. However, the secret initiation should always be preserved for future generations. Therefore, for that whole period I strived to find and prepare people who would have been capable of receiving the secret initiation, so that it would be preserved by way of tradition within the adequate succession.

    It was not easy a task to do. The training that enables to hand down the secret initiation is based on observing the appropriate rules of leading the life. Succumbing to personal tendencies towards sensual revelling is never tolerated; one is only allowed to act in accordance with moral commands of yoga, or according to moral principles of all world’s religions and mystic teachings. By adhering to these rules the candidates for the secret initiation must work their way through to gradually taking control over one’s own being or personality, primarily in the psychic sphere. And it is only then that certainty arises that the secret initiation will not be misused for pursuit of subjective goals of the aspirant of initiation, nor will it result in spiritual or overall devastation of the applicant.

    Unfortunately I must say that many of those who were coming to me to get advice on questions of mystical development were maybe good-natured and had also sincere interests to get to the heart of the "secrets of mystical or spiritual doctrines". But almost without exception they would not make the appropriate efforts to take control of their emotional naturalness, so they remained in essence permanently at the level of merely common people; they would respect their personal tendencies, even without hope of seeing any improvement in that respect. That is why they failed to realize that emotional nature, which gets manifested in the form of exactly personal tendencies, could reverse even a good resolution to traverse such a path of life, on which man always relies exclusively on his reason. It will lead him off the right course, and the windings of that false path will be predestined by groping instinct. Again and again, always too late, man gets advised about the consequences of uncontrolled emotions. In such a case, if one does not observe the relevant moral rules of life, even a good intent often yields unwanted effects. Almost every candidate of the secret initiation is in this way thrown into confusion that depicts him the life as something mysterious, enigmatic, and mighty, as something that can give him many surprises and turns in his fate.

    The more developed intellect, i. e. one that can no longer be classified as purely animal, is always able to understand what consequences follow from the acts to which man is stimulated by emotions. Unfortunately people do not usually employ that sort of reason. Even though we can think that they are people who are guided by reason, yet it turns out again and again that using their intellect is almost exclusively connected with accomplishing some worldly goals. It proves by itself that they are almost without exception guided by emotions and that all their behaviour is conditioned by exclusively sensual tendencies.

    It is exactly in acting tendencies in which the biggest danger is hidden, that the mystically marked path to victory over fate and various life fortuities can suddenly degenerate into a way of achieving purely selfish and strictly individual life goals. That is the reason why the mystical teaching in its highest aspect must be and must remain secret.

    How many people I have seen, people who began their mystical paths correctly, but then suddenly, exactly under pressure of personal tendencies, their paths changed into paths of those who had exclusively narrow-minded and selfish individual ambitions. What does it matter that they kept the façade of noble mystical efforts! – The decisive point was that they succumbed to their personalities which over and over again led them to fate consequences they did not wish.

    Sometimes those people thought – and they also told me – that it should be me who was expected to save them from calamitous consequences of their behaviour. It was logical because it arose from letting their personal tendencies take their course. Wanting to be a good and a really reliable preceptor and guide able to lead everybody as far as the peak of the mystical development, I could only – speaking in a figurative sense – warn the people not to touch the red-hot stove with bare hands. Then it was certainly foolish to expect me to prevent them from burning their fingers.

    I believe that after 45 years in the role of an upholder of initiation, I have become experienced enough to hope for a miracle in anybody in the sense that despite giving way to tendencies, they would still be able to receive the secret initiation. Besides, considering my obvious finding that my strength and life are waning, I can no longer believe that the time which even in the course of 45 years has not brought any relevant results of my outer efforts to transfer the mystic initiation, could in the foreseeable future change the whole situation and bring success to the indolent.

    At the very beginning of the era in which I reached the "mystical accomplishment" that became thanks to my mystic realization spontaneous development of spiritual life, I pledged to pass on the practically experienced teaching to the seeking world. Therefore I took so much care of those who were contacting me as an expert in the spiritual discipline, who could initiate them. Those people, however, were uninterruptedly giving way to their specific personal tendencies, which warned me more and more that I must not allow anybody to come so far where one could have obtained the mystical power related to receiving an initiation that I rightly call secret, the rediscovered path of the Buddhas which had been lost in sands of time. The point is that the one who gains such an initiation, obtains with it also certain mystical might, and he/she will surely misuse it because along with the secret initiation one does not automatically acquire the ability of having yourself guided by pure reason but only yielding only to emotions. Unfortunately he/she will not come to know anymore that emotions lead solely to individual goals that are determined by sensual lusts; lusts (of senses) are often the more deceiving because man is directed to them by the so-called Keeper of the Threshold.

    In this context I would like to point out right at the beginning that this Keeper (or Dweller) of the Threshold often abuses an unduly initiated man to induce spreading of crushing evil in the world; it gets manifested both in religion and the churches and also in politics. In all these ideological movements the idea of heavenly or happy everyday life, as promised to people to be attained either after death or within the shortest possible time, degenerates into asserting authority of usurpers, while the world keeps on suffering and languishing. Only reason that is free from influence of tendencies is able to able to stand up to the Keeper of the Threshold. It must be reason pure and made clear exactly by observing the mystical moral discipline, the goal of which is conquering personality that always wants to follow exclusively sensual and emotional tendencies.

    However, to avoid the mistake that the Keeper of the Threshold is perhaps a sort of spiritual being that walks through the cosmos and attacks mystics by means of some temptations or by haunting them in the manner of fabricated spectres, I have to explain that it is evil that gets personified only under corresponding pressures of the psyche. Only when man is able by his whole psyche to focus all his powers in one direction, and that even exclusively into the sphere which has so far been for him the transcendental world, then the energies existing on the boundary between our empirical and the transcendental world condense and produce the phenomenon called the Keeper of the Threshold.

    When this Keeper already appears to a striving mystic, there is an interesting situation arising for him – of course, only if he has developed the inner sight and can observe increasing tendencies towards his return to the world. A possible explanation is that even very advanced mystics have still in the depths of their beings relations to the world existing somewhere at the level of the hitherto surviving emotionality, even though they have almost completely excluded the outer world from their consciousness through the mystical discipline.

    It is simply atavisms, which, as the adequate form of internal or mental life, survive somewhere in the cerebral matter, though at the end of the spinal cord, from where they direct man so long until he succeeds in eradicating them with coldness of the celestial percepts. From the psychological viewpoint, in this action against atavisms, it is necessary to develop and cultivate the bhaktic mystical element (bhaktic practice), by means of which one attains the capability of receiving qualities existent in the cosmos via intentional percepts. The permanent influx or stream of them wipes out the centre of the atavistic factors; only with it the Keeper of the Threshold will not appear or form and therefore he leaves the mystic's life as an inefficacious phenomenon.

    Then it would be absurd to think that the emergence of the Keeper of the Threshold depends on development of mystical sight as innumerable mystics think. In such a case usually mere perceptions of diversely arising images develop, which the mystic, whose practice is not up to much, takes for visions of some special truths.

    As far as I know, the Keeper of the Threshold arises from instincts, passions and unconscious lusts; nevertheless it emerges only when man opposes it with misconceived effort to overcome it. Depending on circumstances it can be a Keeper languid and interfering in the life of such a mystic only if he wanted to break into the transcendental sphere with his consciousness. It reacts almost automatically by intensifying some tendency in man, which distracts his attention to worldly things, so that his mystical intentions in him will fall into oblivion. When that mystic remembers, he wakes up into different conditions where his previous endeavour is of no effect - and so he becomes a perpetual beginner who lives in a realm of fantasy.

    The Keeper of the Threshold, however, arises also when a mystic embraces the mystical practice without reservation and outruns with it the gradual extinction of his moral flaws, while his spirit has improved so that he can perceive the visible as well as invisible world. The Keeper of the Threshold appears to him in a figure of an opponent that is able to act in a sneaky manner only to make the mystic fall back into humanity that he is just leaving through the correct mystical advance. The appearance of the Keeper of the Threshold is often dramatic as it was in case of Buddha or Jesus. If in such a case the mystic succumbs to the Keeper of the Threshold, it presages the birth of a dictator - a criminal - who has to do so much evil in the world so that he could nullify his merits from initiation. The common people are indeed strange in this respect. Sometimes they believe such a dictator even like a saviour of their social problems and then they will pay dearly for it so as it has many times happened in dictatorial empires.

    To the common mystics who are still "human" the Keeper of the Threshold does not appear. The theory that The Keeper of the Threshold is a dog barking in a dream of the mystic is an inane hoax. It is disparaging the whole mystical effort and the entire mysticism on the whole, for the practical mysticism is a teaching of power and not playing with some mysterious notions, the final result of which is that man shall become immortal and almighty. Everything must progress in strictly logical relations. The basis of the mystical power must be self-control; and of course - the more absolute power it is at play the stricter self-control is necessary. Underdeveloped intellect, stupidity, fantasizing and inability to be a perfect man - all these are properties that do not lay the foundations for development of the mystical power with all its attributes that are described in mystical literature that has character of textbooks on mysticism.

    Now, let's go a little back in time.

    For 45 years I tried to encourage others to overcome their personal tendencies. Their betrayal is that they were simply succumbing to their tendencies even at the most dangerous stages of the mystical path. Besides, the fact that life is fading from my body makes me entitled not to believe that "now" the situation will change in this respect. It will not change! The mystical aspirants became mostly "eternal beginners" who may perhaps muster all their strengths to free themselves from their emotions but maybe as early as tomorrow their strength will vanish somewhere else. Again and again they will succumb to their tendencies without even considering my warning that it is not allowed to behave like this because it is dangerous in all respects.

    This is the real motive why I am making the principles of the secret initiation public. I promised to pass on the mystic teaching in its amazing purity to he world, but as nobody proved to be qualified for receiving the secret initiation, I have the right to "throw" it to the world and not to take care about the way they want to handle it. The fact that it was not passed down for a long time was only due to the Keeper of the Threshold that had so often blinded those who were turning to me for advice on their mystical efforts. This book is my retaliation to the Keeper of the Threshold for what he has wanted to reach - that the teaching would not be transmitted. At the same time I must remark: no one of those who did hot prove to be able to preserve the teaching can use as an excuse that dark mystical power, the Keeper of the Threshold, that it was exactly it that tripped him. Efforts to getting over and finally conquering the inclinations is a matter of personal and moral responsibility as well as of the genuine mystical endeavour; it fails to be a success only when the aspirant thinks he can in some way outsmart the necessity to overcome his tendencies.

    The real conquering of the tendencies is a comparatively high mystical result; however, it does not mean a lack of various visions, basically always unimportant ones, as well as muddled theories about the mystical practice, mystical life, facts and efforts. But real results will not be missing, either: an obvious finding that when someone overcomes his sensual tendencies, he will become above all a knower of his future destiny and a victor over his own fate.

    Fate can weigh heavily only upon the man who lets his tendencies take their natural course. It is exactly tendencies that will and can never lead to happiness of freed people, but always only to deserved consequences of acts that has been motivated by personality. Man is always free and entirely unhampered only without tendencies.

Brezova, 1973Kvetoslav Minarik