Foreword: December 1998

Josef Studeny

Has the old prophesy of Central Europe come true?

(The author is a direct disciple of Kvetoslav Minarik, and currently the lineage holder (guru) of Kvetoslav's school of teaching.)

Josef Studeny at the time around his realization    What prophecy? That a new Christ will come (to the world) and that he will be born on the fiftieth parallel. When? Those prophecies do not specifically express that but considering the recent overall confusion and the desire and calls for a "better age", several estimates of various sensibils exist. Normally composed people, directed by common sense knowledge based thinking, look at all these prophecies skeptically, respectively rejectively. Rightfully? Maybe yes, but there are things between "Heaven and Earth" which suddenly appear and, not only ordinary people, but even highly educated intellectuals cannot explain it.

    Well, can something like a new arrival of Christ or an arrival of a new Christ be considered real? Many members of various denominations do not doubt it. Science, however, considers and will consider it a fantasy of religious craziness.  But as I mentioned above, there are many things between "Heaven and Earth"... What if something like that has already happened and there was nothing miraculous about it.

    But let's get to the point. I would like to show the facts, which bring something new to this topic and which are absolutely real.

    Christ, Christos in Greek, does not symbolize a person, but a state called "Turia" (Sanskrit), i.e. the fourth state of consciousness avasthaa. The state of "over-consciousness", the integral experience. Located above the dreamless state, this state of consciousness is superior to all other states. In the Turia state a yogi is already aware of the absolute state, which is obscured by the yogi's awareness of existence. It is, therefore, a state of high spiritual consciousness. Whoever realizes this state becomes a Christ.

    The same holds for other states. For example, one who realizes the Brahma state, becomes a Brahma. That is an analogy of the Christian God the Creator. He is the personification of the impersonal deity, the first reason of the emanated  universe, determined and therefore still understandable cosmic energy, the quality right on the divide between the shapeless emptiness and all levels of creation. He is in the reach of the distinction ability developed by yoga. That is why he can be considered the original cause of the universe, the very origin of the creation cycle of the world of shape (emanated world). In the anthropomorphic concept Brahma is considered to be God the Creator, a being which created the world on its own decision. But from the viewpoint of variously shaped reality, i.e. objectively, Brahma is yet a sensually observable or detectable creature - the cosmic spiritual power.

    Who realizes bodhi, the state of perfect wisdom, becomes a buddha, - the perfect one.

    Those ancient prophets expected the one to come to be absolutely perfect. Because in their imagination they only understood the perfection in Christ, they called the "expected one" by that name. The name Buddha was not yet known there at that time. He indeed came, not in glory and with miracles, but as ONE OF US.

    This I mentioned to introduce a real event which I present below.

    Here in Central Europe, in the Czech Republic, on the 50th parallel a man was born, who, based on his concept of yoga, achieved high spiritual realizations and high cosmic initiations. He was a tulku of the Tibetan lama and teacher Marpa (the Translator). He embodies the continuation of Marpa's spiritual school. In an appendix to his autobiography (Kechara) written in 1963 he states: "Regarding myself it may be good to say that I can be considered the sixth member of the so called white dynasty of gurus* right after Milarepa."  He transferred the teaching of the Kagyu lineage to Europe by means of his realization. The lineage supplication of his school now reads: "Great (Heavenly) Vajradhara, Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Milarepa, Kvetoslav". Full name Květoslav Minařík.

    Born in the Czech Republic he expressed his knowledge in his own language without the need to adopt and interpret the texts of the Tibetans. The teaching has been transferred entirely by spiritual means. As presented, it is completely understandable without the need of translations of texts imported from Tibet. Kvetoslav Minarik constructed a systematic teaching out of his knowledge and published it in several books. These books have so far only been published in his native language, Czech , I would like to present them step by step to the Western world in English through the Internet. First of all I would like to publish his autobiography, KECHARA (The Sky wanderer).* Before that, however, as an example of his writings, I present a shorter paper, "Path to Immortality".

    I am writing here about a transfer of an old teaching of Tibet to Europe completed solely by spiritual means. I think that this statement is probably not going to be understood. How many people may know what it means? These implications of the spontaneous realization of Kvetoslav Minarik will emerge from his autobiography itself, however.

    I would like to use this opportunity to say something about spiritual centers on the Earth, associated with countries like Tibet or India. These countries have become mere ruins of major centers of spiritual teachings.

    Tibet can be considered a classic example. I take the responsibility to claim that its great glory as a spiritual center will never come back there, even if the Dalai Lama comes back. The reason? Not because it is being occupied by Chinese, but because its potential of spiritual forces has already been eradiated out. Since the times of Milarepa nobody has appeared there, who realized and brought to the world a teaching in a way which would have respected the development of the world. The appropriate tension is not present there anymore and that is the only reason why it was possible for the Chinese to occupy this area and to gradually destroy the nation and country.

    All places on the Earth have to obey this law. It was the same in the case of all major teachings (dharmas). For example, at the time the spring equinox entered into the Taurus sign, the teaching of Osiris radiated the world from Egypt and it continued in full power for more than 2000 years until Aries started to influence the world. The spiritual center then moved to the Middle East, to Jerusalem. When the Spring Equinox moved into the Pisces, the Christianity started to dominate and the center moved to Rome. The original elements of Christianity are to be found in Old Egypt, in fact.

    All of these spiritual bases were destroyed after their energy had radiated out and they had become exhausted or used up. The same fate has happened to Tibet and it is clear that it is definitive. India has gradually diminished even earlier. The teachings of the Orient were formed based on laws different than those which led to the construction of the the lineage of teachings which ended with Christianity and influenced the white race. Where does the spiritual "center of gravity" move to now? Maybe you will understand it when you read Kechara, the autobiography of the son of Vishnu. We are standing at an important door-step in the development of mankind. Not only we are entering an era when the Spring Equinox is moving into Aquarius, also the age of Brahma ends and the age of Vishnu begins at the same time. And this will substantially influence human evolution.

Josef Studeny