Kvetoslav Minarik in 1958

I am the one who has gained the initiation into mahayana, and transferred it to Europe, to pass it on as a fruit of auspicious karma, to people who are already at the end of the deathful night of unknowing.

    Kvetoslav Minarik, Czech yogi and mystic, already as a teenager recognized and to the deepest details personally realized the highest ideals of the Orient, without losing contact with his worldly life. Later he formulated his direct experience as an original (not learned from books) spiritual teaching which is based on the psychology and mentality of a contemporary European. The teaching he formulated guides its followers through their life improving their whole being; it does not deal with just the physical, moral or mental component but it harmoniously develops all of them at once. In view of the world's foremost religions his teaching is closest to the mahayana Buddhism. The buddhist characteristic of his teaching appeared because he was a tulku of Marpa the Translator, the forth member of the dynasty of gurus of the Kagyu lineage. He has become the sixth member of this dynasty, right after Milarepa. The Tibetan disciples of Milarepa such as Dagpo Lhadze, also known as Gampopa (1079-1153), and others, were the founders of the Kagyu order. Even though they excelled by their holiness they were not able to absorb the "golden birdie" of the Milarepa's spirit. Only Kvetoslav has accomplished the transfer of his whole being into one single point and recognized it as the infinity through his mystical practice. Therefore he has transferred the Kagyu teaching to Europe through the spiritual means of his realizations and by his direct knowledge.

    Kvetoslav Minarik explains the spiritual teachings (dharmas) from a different viewpoint in each of his books to make them accessible to a broad range of readers. Almost all of his life's opus has already been published by CANOPUS - The Kvetoslav Minarik's foundation (in Czech only).

    After the death of Kvetoslav Minarik the continuation of the teaching is secured by:

  1. Issuing all of his written works, which is being done by his direct disciple PhDr. Zora Subrtova.
  2. As living successors of the teaching Kvetoslav, the Master, named two gurus. Here in the main center of the Kvetoslav's teaching (in Prague, Czech Republic) it is Josef Studeny and for the German speaking region, with a center in Vienna, it is Ing. Roman Mandys.  Kvetoslav's books, however, have not yet been published systematically in German, only in Czech.

    His writings were organized into the following books:

Direct Path


    Readers of the western hemisphere are familiar with biographies of the Kagyu order lineage holders, Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, and Milarepa. Their biographies were written by their followers and admirers. We would like to present to the admirers of the Kagyu order, and not only to them, the story of a great member of the glorious order written by himself. We expect that his autobiography will explain something about the continuation of the great teaching of the Kagyu lineage. So the first book to be published in English will be Kechara (The Skywalker), the autobiography of Kvetoslav Minarik.

    As a first example of Kvetoslav's opus, we present a paper titled Path to Immortality taken from his minor writings published in the book Yoga in the Life of Contemporary People.